The band

Originally formed in early 2015 and without a dedicated bassist, Moon Haven released their first EP Weathering the Solitude which received strong support and afforded them a spot on the Out For Blood tour alongside acts such as: INSATIA, From Light Rose the Angels (now known as the Spider Accomplice), The Getaway Mile and others.  After the tour, the band finally rounded out their lineup with Stephen Roy (pictured far right) playing bass full time.


After positive results from their first effort, the band soon turned their attention toward their first full-length album Monochrome Reflections which is set to release July 7th, 2017.  The album was recorded and produced with the help of Brad Sconzert at Luna Studios in Tucson, Arizona.


Pulling inspiration from touring and their lineup change, Monochrome Reflections is a result of sacrifice, hardship and ultimately unity.  The album embodies the emotions and different viewpoints of each band member and manages to spin that into a conceptual story about the perils one goes through in accepting themselves.