Moon Haven News!

In case anyone has missed the recent things we have going on, here's an update:

Starting in September, we will be featured in Orkus Magazin for coverage through November!  In the coverage will be: some facts about the band, interviews, and a review of our recent album by the editor of said magazine (who just so happens to really LOVE the album).

Excited doesn't even begin to cut it!


In addition to this, our album stream video for Shattered is available on our Facebook page and the full album stream is available on our YouTube page (links down below).

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and be sure to follow us on all our other social media pages!


Shattered video stream:

Full album stream:


Album Release Day!

It's release day!

Feel free to check out the teaser video on Facebook that goes through the entire album.  If you like what you hear, head over to: iTunes, and Google Music or alternatively, stream it at: Spotify, Pandora or Tidal.

We've put a helluva lot of work into this album and we are so happy to finally be able to share it with you all.  We could not have done it without the more-than-capable hands of Brad Sconzert at Luna Studios and his trusty intern, Noah Shimbaum.

The best thing you guys can do for us is share our music around.  With those shares comes more attendance (hopefully) at gigs and of course more diverse listeners.

We appreciate you all sticking with us and we cannot wait to see you guys at a show and what else 2017 and onward has in store for us!

Pre-Orders & Music Video!

It's pre-order day today!  To celebrate, we present our music video for Veil of Grey.

Head over to our Bandcamp page ( to pre-order Monochrome Reflections and get your instant download of Veil of Grey!

Pre-orders are also all available on: iTunes, Google Music, and Amazon.

The album release is next Friday so come join the Moon Haven family!

Tracklist for Monochrome Reflections!

As Promised, the following tracks/songs will be on Monochrome Reflections:

1. Monochrome
2. Veil of Grey
3. Cloudscape
4. Transparent
5. Part of Me
6. Amethyst Eyes
7. Shattered
8. Whisper of the Gale
9. Horizons
10. Luna

Also, pre-orders for the album will be going LIVE on June 30th via: iTunes, Amazon and Google Music. Those who purchase the pre-order, will instantly get a download of our first single, Veil of Grey.

We've got a lot of great things planned for the remainder of 2017 - excited doesn't even begin to cut it!

Before that though, be sure and stay tuned for another announcement/update next Friday!

Thanks all - we are getting close!

Moon Haven Update!

On June 18th, we will be shooting the official video for our first single, Veil of Grey.  If all goes well, this will be done in an incredibly historical and creepy place - stay tuned for more on that!  Also, as we near July 7th, we will be releasing something HUGE in regards to the album each week.

To start that off, anyone interested in the track list reveal of the new album?  If so, stay tuned next Friday!

Album Release News!

As you all may or may not know, we've been hard at work trying to make everything perfect before we release our album.  With much of the behind-the-scene work done, we are excited to announce that we will be releasing Monochrome Reflections on July 7th, 2017!  In addition to this announcement, we are also excited to launch this website for everyone to keep up to date with Moon Haven news.  With that, we will also be rebooting all of our social media pages (links on bottom of page) so that everyone can be hyped about the release!

We have gained some more comments from a few fans that have heard a pre-release of the album and from their input, we are sure that there will be a favorite song for every individual.  We hope everyone is as excited as we are for the release of the album!  Stay tuned!